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3 Quick & Healthy Low-Carb Soups!

Soups are usually a winter thing, but I like to enjoy them all year long! They are easy to make, they are filling, full of flavor, you can freeze them for later, and one batch of soup makes a bunch of meals! The three soups I'm about to share with you are even better because… Continue reading 3 Quick & Healthy Low-Carb Soups!


Recipe: Healthier Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd's pie has always been a favorite of mine. Growing up, my mom would make a classic shepherd's pie with ground beef, corn, and mashed potatoes. I used to make it that way too, and I LOVE it that way! However, this time I wanted to try something different! I used sweet potato, ground turkey,… Continue reading Recipe: Healthier Shepherd’s Pie


Recipe: Shrimp & Sausage Sheetpan Dinner

As a stay at home mom I am constantly doing dishes. It's like laundry - a never ending task. Especially since I love to cook! My boyfriend even asked me one time: "why are there so many dishes from one meal?" I had to explain to him that if I want all of the components… Continue reading Recipe: Shrimp & Sausage Sheetpan Dinner