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Living a low-carb lifestyle can be very difficult in some ways. For example, you aren’t allowed to eat bread. No more grilled cheese, no more PB&J, no more toast, no more sandwiches! However, there are several low-carb breads on the market now & I decided to give one a try!

I ordered SOLA bread from Amazon! If you check it out and use the link I just provided, I will get a small commission as an Amazon affiliate! Just a heads up! 

I had done quite a bit of research on different low-carb breads to try and I couldn’t help but notice the awesome reviews that this bread had. Although it is fairly pricey, I decided to take a leap of faith and give it a shot. I missed my avocado egg toast! I discovered that the sweet oat variety that I was interested in was only 3 net carbs per slice! Amazing! Below is the nutrition information from their website for the sweet oat bread.


It took 4 days to be delivered from the time I ordered it on a Sunday. Which was just enough time for my avocado to ripen! Check out my beautiful and delicious avocado egg toast breakfast below! 


Once it finally arrived, I couldn’t wait to try it out. My initial reaction to this bread is that it is much smaller than I expected. See the photo below for some size reference! See what I mean? So I was a bit disappointed by this considering it costs about $12 per loaf! 😳



Next up was taste. I don’t know about you, but I freaking love bread! I can easily eat it plain with butter! So that’s exactly what I did! I slathered on some butter, folded it in half, and took a nice big bite!

When trying new low-carb products, I pretty much always expect a “different” taste. However, I was so pleasantly surprised by the very bread like taste of this bread! It literally tastes like “normal” bread! It was delicious! I immediately made myself a PB&J with some sugar-free Smuckers and peanut butter! I was in heaven!

Some other useful observations about this bread is that it is fairly dense! I also noticed that after I toasted it, it remained slightly soft until it cooled off a little bit. Neither of these things were an issue for me. 

Overall, I will give this bread a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars! I have deducted half a star due to the very small size of the slices. I definitely recommend this low-carb bread to anybody living a low-carb or keto lifestyle! 

Here are a few ideas for using this bread:

French Toast

Tuna Melt


Avocado Egg Toast

Breakfast Sandwich

If you’re intrigued, why not try it out? You can order it from Amazon HERE!


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