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FREE 21 Day Wellness Workbook

As you may know by now, I am currently earning my nutrition coach certification through ISSA Online. I am just about halfway done and I am finally getting to the material that covers the actual coaching aspect, rather than the science of nutrition. With that being said, I have been thinking about what I will… Continue reading FREE 21 Day Wellness Workbook

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7 Low-Carb Substitutes to Replace your favorite High-Carb Foods!

A low-carb lifestyle can be very challenging. It doesn't allow for some very common and comforting foods. No bread, no pasta, no grilled cheese, no mac & cheese, no French toast! Living a low-carb life shouldn't mean you have to leave behind some of your favorite dishes! I have been following a low-carb lifestyle on… Continue reading 7 Low-Carb Substitutes to Replace your favorite High-Carb Foods!

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Sola Low-Carb Bread Review

Living a low-carb lifestyle can be very difficult in some ways. For example, you aren't allowed to eat bread. No more grilled cheese, no more PB&J, no more toast, no more sandwiches! However, there are several low-carb breads on the market now & I decided to give one a try! I ordered SOLA bread from… Continue reading Sola Low-Carb Bread Review

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3 Quick & Healthy Low-Carb Soups!

Soups are usually a winter thing, but I like to enjoy them all year long! They are easy to make, they are filling, full of flavor, you can freeze them for later, and one batch of soup makes a bunch of meals! The three soups I'm about to share with you are even better because… Continue reading 3 Quick & Healthy Low-Carb Soups!