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A low-carb lifestyle can be very challenging. It doesn’t allow for some very common and comforting foods. No bread, no pasta, no grilled cheese, no mac & cheese, no French toast! Living a low-carb life shouldn’t mean you have to leave behind some of your favorite dishes!

I have been following a low-carb lifestyle on and off for about a year and a half now. I have tried many different low-carb products and specialty foods and I have chosen the following 7 items to share with you!

The following 7 items can easily replace your high-carb favorites and make your low-carb lifestyle so much easier! Yes, you might have to order some of them online, but it’s worth it! Not to mention, these companies frequently have sales & various coupon codes!

Every time I try a new low-carb product I am always a little suspicious because sometimes they just don’t taste great. I’ve experienced this with a few products that I thought I was going to love but I ended up really disliking.

With that being said, the following products are so delicious that they could be eaten by anybody. Whether you’re eating low-carb, or you just want a healthier alternative to the sugar packed products in your grocery store, these products are the real deal!

If you click the links provided and purchase through them, I will receive a small payment through the Amazon Affiliate program. These are all products that I personally recommend though!


This company is so amazing! They specialize in very low sugar gummies! They have several different types, but they recently came out with these peach rings! They are a different texture than your typical peach ring, but the flavor is spot on! There is also a sour hint which I like! However, I wouldn’t consider it a sour candy. These gummies are 5 net carbs for the whole bag!


This is probably my all time favorite low-carb sweet treat. You could give this chocolate to anybody and I guarantee they’d have no idea it’s not “regular” chocolate. The caramelized & salted milk is my absolute favorite flavor. The aroma when you open the package is so wonderful and the flavor is even better!


Unfortunately I can’t say for sure whether this pasta is an amazing substitute or not because I am yet to try it. However, I put it on the list because of the amazing reviews I have read and because it’s an alternative to shiritaki noodles which seem to have become the normal pasta substitute for low-carb eaters.


These chips are the real deal! They taste just like nacho cheese doritos! I’m honestly not much of a chip person, but these do the trick when the craving strikes! I was skeptical when I saw other people comparing them to nacho cheese doritos, but when I gave them a try, I realized they weren’t messing around!


I used to drink regular energy drinks with all of the sugar! I particularly like Nos. I really didn’t realize how much sugar I was consuming. I had no idea that I was drinking so many of my calories. Then I started seeing this energy drink all over the internet. It is very high in caffeine (300 mg per can) and they have super unique flavors! I definitely recommend clicking the link above and buying yourself a variety pack!


First of all, the link above has an absolutely amazing price for a 12 pack of these almonds. I used to think that chocolate covered almonds were a healthy sweet treat. They are for the most part. However, when I was reading the labels of typical brands I realized that they have more sugar then I would like. Then I discovered these! They are a good snack with protein, healthy fats, and very low carb! A filling sweet treat when you are craving chocolate! I love this flavor as well as the peanut butter flavor. They have a few others as well!

img_4399SOLA BREAD

I am not exaggerating when I say that this bread has made my low-carb experience so much better. I can make French toast, sandwiches, toast, and whatever else involves bread! Many low-carb breads are very eggy or very strange in one way or another. However, this bread has blow my mind. I recommend their golden wheat variety because the slices are bigger than the sweet oat variety.


I hope you have found this post helpful! I hope I have introduced at least one new low-carb product to you! Another brand I recommend is KNOW Foods! They make amazing low-carb waffles. I have also been wanting to try Real Good Cauliflower Pizza! I’ve heard amazing things about that!

Are there any low-carb products that you highly recommend? Let me know!

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