My 5 Favorite YouTube Workouts For SAHM Fitness!

As a stay at home mom, you have to be creative when it comes to exercising. You can’t just go to the gym whenever you want, and if you do want to go to the gym, you usually have to find a sitter first.

One of the best ways to exercise as a stay at home mom, in my opinion, is by doing YouTube Workouts!

Why are YouTube workouts awesome for SAHMs?

1. They’re free.

2. You can do them at home while your child plays, naps, or joins you.

3. You don’t have to pay a sitter to exercise.

4. You don’t have to get presentable enough for the general public 😂.

5. No gas money spent on driving to the gym.

6. Essentially 1 on 1 personal training for free.

7. There are SO MANY options! Dance, yoga, HIIT, easy, advanced, etc!

 I do these 5 pretty regularly! Sometimes I do the same one two days in a row, but I usually rotate them all! It’s a really great variety for your body! I’ve listed them from my very favorite to my slightly less favorite! So without further ado, here are my five favorite home YouTube workouts!


Burn to the beat hip-hop tabata intervals with Keaira Lashae!



This is one of the first Youtube workouts I ever did. When I started doing workouts from home about a year ago I stumbled upon the Be Fit dance workouts with Keaira Lashae and I really enjoyed them! I may look absolutely ridiculous while I do them (I can’t dance), and my neighbors might think there is an earthquake because of the jumping around, BUT it’s super fun and you definitely break a good sweat! They are also pretty short videos so if you’re a beginner that’s a great option! Or, you can do two videos for a longer workout!


30 Minute advanced fat burning HIIT cardio!



First of all I want to say that I wouldn’t consider this “advanced”. They are basic moves done at high intensity, and in intervals to optimize fat burning! High intensity interval training leaves your body burning more calories even after you complete the workout. I love this video because like I said, they are super basic moves. There isn’t a lot of jumping which I can appreciate and t’s definitely a sweaty, intense workout! You’ll really feel like you exercised after this video!


30 Minute BodyFit By Amy full body dumbbell workout!



I have only done this video one time so far because I just discovered it, but I know this one is a keeper! It wasn’t a super fast paced workout. It was nice and slow and steady, but don’t let that fool you! It was pretty challenging! I used 5 pound dumbbells and that was perfect for me. I was sore for a couple of days afterwards, and I could really feel my body working during this one. She also has a full body dumbbell tabata video, but I like this one better!


30 minute Selena Gomez workout for flat abs & toned legs!



I found this video when I was searching for a basic ab workout. I decided to give it a shot and I was surprised by how challenging some of the simple moves got! If you do the first few minutes of this video you will know what I mean! It can be challenging at times but luckily she shows modifications which I took full advantage of!


30 minute fat burning HIIT workout!



This is just your everyday HIIT workout routine. However, I really like Sydney Cummings. She seems like a genuine person and that’s one of the reasons I love this video. At the end of the video she says she wants you to finish feeling better than when you started, and every time I do this video, that’s exactly how I feel! She also has you say three good things about yourself at the end, and I really really love that part!

So with all of that being said, I highly recommend the above videos! You can take advantage of your child’s nap time and get one of these workouts done! I promise you will feel happier & more energized afterwards! Exercise does so many great things for our bodies. It’s not just great for outer physical appearance, but it is so great for the inner workings of our bodies as well. Exercise improves mood, energy, metabolism, and overall efficiency of the body! You literally cannot go wrong with exercise.

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