Personalized Brain & Body Nutrition Plan

A detailed report on how you can improve your nutrition and wellness for improved mental wellness, more energy, better moods, and weight loss.
$ 50
  • Brain & Body Nutrition E-Guide for Mental Wellness
  • 21 Day Wellness Workbook
  • What you're doing well & what you can improve
  • Actionable steps you can take to get started on your wellness journey
  • 10 healthy recipe links unique to your food preferences
  • List of local healthy take out and health food stores
  • Mini pantry makeover
  • Answers to any & all nutrition and wellness questions you may have

Brain & Body Nutrition E-Guide for Mental Wellness

32 pages of valuable information about eating for mental wellness!
$ 10
  • Happy nutrients & their foods
  • My top 12 nutrition tips & tricks
  • Brain healthy original recipes
  • Brain healthy snack ideas
  • Grocery list
  • General nutrition for mental wellness information

Wellness Workbook

3 Weeks of wellness tracking
  • Goal setting
  • Calculate your calorie requirements
  • Track your measurements
  • Habit tracking
  • Meal tracking
  • Exercise tracking
  • Weekly reflections