My nutrition philosophy is based on eating to fuel your brain and body for both physical and mental wellness. Specifically based off of the information and lessons I learned while obtaining my nutrition specialist certificate, as well as through my own personal research reading Dr. Drew Ramsey and Dr. Laura LaChance in their scientific research about antidepressant nutrients, Dr. Drew Ramsey and Tyler Graham in their book “The Happiness Diet”, and Dr. Lisa Mosconi in her book “Brain Food”




Increased energy

improved moods

Weight loss

Increased focus

Less inflammation & pain

More confidence

Personalized Brain & Body Nutrition Plans

  • A detailed nutrition report of observations & suggestions unique to your lifestyle, goals, and needs that will benefit you both physically and mentally.
  • What you're doing well & why!
  • What you can work on & why!
  • Actionable steps you can take!
  • Brain & Body Nutrition Guide!
  • Meals & Snacks List!
  • Brain Health Grocery List!
  • Calorie & Macro Suggestions!
  • 3 Week Wellness Workbook!
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Mini "Pantry Makeover"
  • Your local health food stores & take out options!

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