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My top 10 wellness essentials

Since I began focusing more on healthier living a few years ago, I have come to realize that certain products are essential for this type of lifestyle. I am sure each person has their own wellness products that are unique to their own health and wellness journeys, but I wanted to share my top 10 essentials in case anybody needed some ideas!


Ever since beginning my health and wellness journey in February 2017, I have been a huge advocate for drinking plenty of water. When people ask me for advice on what they can do to get their wellness journey started, I always recommend starting with an increase in water intake. Most people don’t consume nearly enough water each day. They say you should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water. So, if you weigh 160 lbs, you should aim for at least 80 oz. of water per day. I aim for at least 100 oz. per day no matter what I weigh. The proper amount of water keeps our systems clean, our brains sharp, and our overall bodily functions on point. Water is also great for when trying to lose weight because it can give you the feeling of fullness without consuming calories. If you’re a mindless snacker, you could try replacing a snack or two with a few chugs of water! So for these reasons, my number one wellness product is a good water bottle! I personally have an obsession with water bottles. I like them to be big and pretty. I prefer to fill my water bottle once or twice a day rather than 5-6. It’s nice to see exactly where I am on my water goal as the day goes on. I also like water bottles with built in straws like THIS ONE. For some reason, I drink more water with this bottle and it’s actually my current favorite! You can see the pic below! Get yourself a water bottle and get chugging!


If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you’ll see that I have an obsession with chia seeds. I add them to my yogurt bowls, oat bowls, and smoothies! I add them to pretty much anything I can, but those three dishes see them the most. Chia seeds are high in omega-3 which is a super nutrient that provides us with so many benefits! I am working on a new blog post about supplements and what they do and I will talk about omega-3 more in depth in that post! However, chia seeds are not a supplement! They are a natural food source of omega-3 so they are actually way better than a supplement!


Just like chia seeds, flax seeds have a ton of healthy omega-3. I typically add flax seed to my smoothies and my oat bowls. I started to add flax seed to my diet when I learned about the power of omega-3. If you read my post about antidepressant nutrients, you will know that omega-3 is one of the top antidepressant nutrients and that’s why I initially decided to make a real effort in consuming more omega-3 rich foods. As time went on I learned many more things about omega-3 and wasn’t surprised to find that women are often lacking it. Just another reason for me to consume more. If you want to add flaxseed to your diet I would recommend adding it to your smoothies or oat bowls because you really can’t taste it or even tell it’s in there!


I have always known that green tea is good for you but I never actually drank it until a few months ago. It has quickly become a regular bedtime ritual for me. There are so many different kinds, you are bound to find one that appeals to you. I personally love mint green tea or lavender green tea. The lavender one is especially perfect for bedtime. Mint green tea can be a really great summertme beverage if you make it iced! Green tea has tons of benefits that can be seen in the picture below!


Lavender oil became one of my top wellness essentials when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I started using it before bedtime to help me sleep and I still use it for the same reason today! I like to sprinkle some on my pillow and my wrists and I also like to take a deep, intentional, inhale. I actually brought lavender oil with me to the labor and delivery of my first daughter and I intend to bring it with me in July for the labor and delivery of our second! I also like to use peppermint essential oil when I am congested or when I have a headache. There are so many different essential oils out there with so many uses. I hope to increase my knowledge on this topic eventually!


When I started exercising I just did regular body weight exercises which are totally fine, but as time went on I wanted to add a little more difficulty. Our bodies can become accustomed to certain exercises and ways of eating and cause a plateau where we don’t see any improvement. I was finding my regular body weight exercises a little too easy so I decided to add 5 lb. dumbbells to my workouts! I actually really love plain old dumbbell full body workouts. Especially by Body Fit by Amy on Youtube! She also has some really amazing prenatal workouts!


I started journaling a few years ago and I got really really into it. However, these days I only journal 2-3 times a month which I really want to work on. When I used to journal regularly it became a regular stress release habit of mine and I genuinely looked forward to it and sort of needed to do it everyday. It’s so beneficial to express everything that goes on in our minds even if it’s just writing it down on paper! I find that when I journal I am able to organize my thoughts and feelings better, and therefore, I am able to take thought out, and meaningful action on those thoughts and feelings. Something that makes journaling more “fun” is having a pretty journal and pens! I personally have an obsession with notebooks, pens, planners, and journals! I really like to use colorful and fun pens, but to each their own!


This is a newer wellness essential for me. I recently started making smoothies very regularly, probably 3-4 times a week, in order to get a good punch of nutrients in the morning! I like the personal sized blenders because it allows you to portion out exactly what you need for a single serve smoothie. When I used to use a regular sized blender I would make way too much and it would end up going to waste. I currently use my Ninja blender, but I also have used the very affordable Hamilton Beach brand and it works just as well as the Ninja in my opinion!


I’m just going to be honest with you all. As much as I want to eat a perfectly balanced and healthy diet all of the time, there are weeks where I completely overdo it on everything. These are the weeks when my body will be lacking proper nutrition. These are the weeks when I start to feel sluggish, moody and just all around yucky. Why? Becauuse my body isn’t getting the right balance of micro and macronutrients. These are the times when supplementing a multivitamin can come in handy. Or I could just change my habits and eat healthy, but let’s be real…Sometimes that’s just not how it goes. For this reason, one of my top 10 wellness products is a multivitamin. If you’re lacking a balanced and healthy diet rich in nutrients, you should probably consider a multivitamin. However, you definitely shouldn’t depend on it! You should work on your diet and slowly but surely get to the point where a multivitamin isn’t needed anymore! Shameless plug here…If you need help transforming your eating habits please CONTACT ME and I would love to tell you about my nutrition coaching programs!


Books have always been a go to for me during times of mental health struggles. They have been an escape from reality at times. When I read fiction, I tend to want to get out of my head and forget life around me for a while. On the other hand, there are non-fiction personal development and self-help books that really get me thinking inwardly about my feelings, desires, and life in general. My favorite self-help books so far are You are a badass and You are a badass everyday. I have a pile of 5-6 other personal development books that I still need to dive into! Once I read them all, and if I like them all, I will write a blog post about them.

Then there are podcasts. I started listening to podcasts just a couple of months ago while I was going through a time of deep depression. I simply googled inspiring podcasts for women and I found “Style your mind” by Cara Alwill Leyba. She talks about becoming the woman you want to be, about being a female entrepreneur, and she honestly has the most beautiful voice to listen to! From there I found many other podcasts that I have enjoyed!

So now that you have learned about my top ten wellness essentials, I would love to learn about some of yours in the comments! Do you use any of the same products as I do?! Let me know what you love and recommend!

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