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Mother’s Day Gift Guide For Your Healthy Mom!

Mother’s day is right around the corner and ever since becoming a mom it has become one of my favorite holidays. I love celebrating being a mama and I love that others take the day to really appreciate all that us momma’s do!

Before jumping in I want to take this moment to appreciate my own mama and tell you about her. She is also a foodie but not so much a wellness mama. She works her butt off and honestly doesn’t make enough time for herself. She isn’t into all that self-care stuff but she definitely appreciates a good steak! She is definitely the reason why I am a foodie myself. As a young girl, I lived above the restaurant that my mom owned at the time. She has spent her life in the food industry and taught me so much about good food. Her cooking is the best in the world! She is an independent, strong, and extremely compassionate, empathetic and loving woman. I have so many reasons to thank her and no words will ever do her justice!

This gift guide is honestly exactly what I would want for mother’s day as a foodie and wellness obsessed mama! I’m sure some of you have some foodie and wellness mothers, or maybe you’re a foodie and wellness mama yourself and you can send this to your significant other, kids, or whoever!
If you purchase any items through my links I will receive a commission through Amazon Affiliate! You’d be giving me a little mother’s day gift as well.


The above items are the following:

1.Ninja Blender

2. Essential oils & Diffuser

3. Aromatherapy Candles

4. Slippers & Robe

5. At home bath spa kit

6. Heated blanket – I like to describe these as a nice warm bath without getting wet!

7. You are a badass – Such an amazing “pick me up” book!

8. Glam Glow Moisturizer – My all time favorite moisturizer! They have nude or tinted! Seriously LOVE this item.

9. Clinique gift set – This is the exact set that I was gifted for Christmas. An awesome brand with awesome skincare products!

10. Water bottle – My current favorite water bottle. It has a detachable piece that you can freeze then reattach to keep your water cold! It also has a straw which I find helps me drink more water throughout the day.

11. Fitbook – Health & fitness tracking book!

12. Fitbit – Love my Fitbit! It keeps me accountable and it is compatible with both iPhone and Android unlike the Apple watch.

So there you have it folks! I hope you got some ideas for your health and wellness mama for this upcoming mother’s day!

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