Yogurt is typically considered a healthy food. However, people on the keto diet tend to avoid it. Maybe it’s because most yogurts contain the daily allowance of net carbs for keto (about 20 grams).

However, I have always loved yogurt, and when I am eating low-carb, and when I ate keto, I found some low-carb yogurts that I could fit into my macros. These are three yogurts that I have personally tried. I am sure there are plenty of others with similar carb counts but I am yet to try them! If you know of any, please let me know so I can try!

My all time favorite yogurt is Stonyfield Organic vanilla, but there are about 20 carbs per serving which is quite a lot when I am eating lower-carb. However, I do still eat it from time to time! If I’m not eating “lower-carb”, I will get this type of yogurt. I am learning that we shouldn’t completely deprive ourselves of the foods we love!

My 3 Low-Carb Yogurt Recommendations:

Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt

Find this yogurt near you HERE

Two Good Yogurt

Find this yogurt near you HERE

Light & Fit Greek Yogurt

Find this yogurt near you HERE

In the chart below you will find the macros for each yogurt, as well as the pros, cons, and flavor varieties.

Ways To Use Your Yogurt

Vanilla yogurt with chopped pecans and strawberries.
Vanilla yogurt with Paleonola grain free chocolate fix granola, strawberry, and chocolate shavings.
PB & J Yogurt! Strawberry yogurt with 1 T. powdered or regular peanut butter! So yummy!
Vanilla yogurt with 2 large strawberries, Lily’s chocolate chips, chopped unsweetened coconut, chopped pecans.
Strawberry shortcake smoothie! Ground flax, strawberries, spinach, strawberry yogurt, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Low-Carb Yogurt Toppings:

Chopped Nuts- Pecans, Walnuts, Almonds, Peanuts. Nuts are healthy fats. Fat keeps you full longer because it is the slowest digested macronutrient. It stays in your stomach longer, leaving you feeling full & satisfied!

Berries- Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries!

Dark Chocolate

Peanut Butter

Unsweetened Coconut

Grain free granola (I Suggest Paleonola)

I hope this post has shed some light on how you can incorporate yogurt into your low-carb lifestyle! My personal favorite out of the three I explored above is Oikos. It tastes the most like “regular” yogurt in my opinion.

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