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How to have a stress free outing with your kiddos!

As a self proclaimed foodie, one of my favorite “chores” is grocery shopping! I actually don’t consider it a chore at all. But it definitely isn’t the easiest task when I have to bring my three year old and five month old along. Over the years as a stay at home mom I have gained some insight into running errands with little ones.

In this blog post I will tell you how to minimize stress while grocery shopping with your kids.

A word on grocery carts

I learned with my first daughter that you should get your child accustomed to sitting in the grocery cart from the beginning. When my daughter learned to walk I felt so excited that she could finally follow along that I basically encouraged her to be outside of the cart… I ended up regretting this decision because she ended up running around like a wile child and refusing the cart. It’s a great idea to bring a cart to your vehicle and transfer your child directly from the vehicle to the cart!

BONUS TIP: Many stores have “kid friendly” carts that have steering wheels. This is a great option for kiddos who aren’t typically good with carts!

Time of day

It’s important to consider the time of day you take your kiddos out and about for errands. I find that my two daughters do best when they are “sleepier”. My 5 month old is on a schedule now and she will sleep the entire trip if I go at the right time. My toddler is typically less energetic shortly after waking up, or around 2-3 in the afternoon. I like to take these factors into account when running errands with my children.


Another option for minimizing stress while grocery shopping with your kids is to keep your children distracted. There are many ways you can do this.

-Get your child involved. Ask them to pick out the produce or put items in the cart.
-Bring snacks! This was a big one for my oldest! I would always bring a little ziploc bag along and that would keep her sitting still for quite a while.
-Don’t be ashamed to bust out your phone or tablet. Haters are gonna hate, but sometimes a mom just wants a stress free outing with her kids!

Use a grocery pick up program

I used this for the first time just a few months ago. Oh my god. Why did I never do this before? This is the solution to all stressful grocery trips for moms! There are tons of grocery pick up and delivery services now! Just google it! I personally have used Wal-Mart’s grocery pick up and loved it!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Stay tuned, I will be publishing two more grocery shopping articles soon! One will be about how you can save money grocery shopping and the other will be about how you can grocery shop for healthy eating!

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