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How to be more consistent with you health & fitness goals


I feel like before I begin I should say that over the past 8 months I have been working towards my nutrition coaching certification online through ISSA. I have learned so much from this program and I am excited to share what I’ve learned with other people! Since beginning this course, I have also done a lot of my own research and experimentation on nutrition and healthy living in general. From all of these things combined I feel that I can really offer some great insight on nutrition and healthy living behavior!


We’ve all heard it before…Consistency is key. It’s not just a saying that somebody made up because it sounded cool. This statement holds the secret potion you’ve been looking for to help you achieve your goals! If you want to succed in anything, you have to be consistent- and not a 50% consistent, but more like a 75% or more consistent!


You’re writing out your health and fitness goals. You’re brainstorming what you need to do to move towrads a healthy life. You know you have to exercise, you know you have to drink more water, and you know you have to eat better. So you write out your action plan: Workout 6 days this week, drink a gallon of water everyday, and no junk food allowed! You start out the week strong! You do really great the first two days, but then the third day comes and you decide to skip the exercise, then on day four you skip it again, and by doing so, you have already failed your 6 days per week workout goal. The problem here is that we jump into our goals a little too spontaneously. We want to do our absolute best. We want to do things cold turkey, and be super dedicated all of the time, but the reality is that we end up asking too much from ourselves. We are busy people! We have families, we have jobs, we have so many things going on! Trust me, I have been there! I have wanted to dive in head first many times only to crash and burn shortly after. When you’re starting your health and fitness journey, you need to start slowly. You need to set small goals that you can easily repeat and commit to. Instead of working out 6 days a week, aim to work out 3 days week. You will most likely achieve that goal, and you may even surpass it! Whereas, when you fail your original goal you may end up feeling discouraged.


There are a few solutions to the problem. First of all, you want to plan realistically. You should write out your goals and the behaviors that will help you achieve those goals. Next, you need to stop trying to be perfect, and just try to be better. You don’t need to drink a gallon of water per day. You can settle for half a gallon if it’s better than what you were doing before. You don’t have to exercise 6 days per week. If you exercise at all and you weren’t before, that’s a step in the right direction! Even one day a week of exercise is better than none! And finally, you need to create an action plan consisting of doable behaviors that you can be consistent with the majority of the time. When you consistently do the basics, you will see results.

There are a ton of free printable goal worksheets and behavior/habit trackers out there! You check out amazon, I’m sure they have some awesome habit tracker notebooks! Eventually I will have some new goal setting and habit tracking worksheets available, but if you want to check out a free resource from yours truly, check out my FREE WELLNESS WORKBOOK!


  1. Great post! This is something that I definitely struggle with! As soon as I get into a fitness routine, I either get bored or distracted and stop a week later lol

    1. Yes! Consistency is SO hard, but it is also THE MOST important!

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