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How To Be A Productive & Energetic Stay At Home Mom!

Being a stay at home mom was always a dream of mine. I know, crazy right? People are drawn to different things! Some women may dream of having a successful career, of traveling the world, or of getting married and having children.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working. I enjoy making money, I enjoy the social aspect of it. I miss working from time to time, but if given the option, I would always choose to be a stay at home mom.

I truly enjoy taking care of our home, cooking meals, and caring for my daughter. I love the freedom that I have. I can prioritize my daughter’s fun over housework whenever I want.

However, being a stay at home mom is not an easy role whatsoever! I can’t imagine how the women who work handle it all. It is so easy to get frazzled & worn out as a mother. In this post you will learn some of the ways that any mother can improve her productivity & energy.

Some of these methods will only apply to stay at home moms, but most will apply to all. Additionally, some of these are contradictory, but we all have our different ways of thriving!


As I’ve learned more and more about nutrition over the past few months, one thing has become very certain- what you eat is directly correlated with how you feel and function. When you eat like crap, you feel like crap. When you eat whole foods, you feel more alive, more energetic. I highly suggest considering a reduction in sugar & carbs. Eating carbs turns into sugar in our bodies. Eating sugar results in blood sugar spikes and drops which result in a small burst of energy, followed by a horrible sluggish feeling. I guarantee if you commit to eating low-carb for a few days you will notice a significant difference in your energy levels.

Exercise (In the morning)

Something I find useful in helping me have a productive and energetic day is exercising in the morning. I wake up, get my daughter changed & dressed, drink a coffee or energy drink, and then exercise. Getting my circulation going, sweating, and being active, really wakes my body up, improves my mood, and sets the vibe for the day. If you want some awesome workouts to try check out my 5 favorite Youtube workouts!

Take advantage of sleeping time

This one only really applies to stay at home moms. Nap time is a mom’s best friend. There are so many possibilities! You can clean, nap, shower, read, etc. Take advantage of this time! Don’t sit on your phone mindlessly scrolling or playing a game. If you want to simply relax, then do it, just do it with intention. Relax with a book, take a bath, or put on a murder show! If it’s going to help you be more productive later, then relax. OR you can use nap time as a time to get shit done. I personally use nap time in both ways. It really depends on how I am feeling and how my day is going.

Drink more water

Even being slightly dehydrated will hinder your physical & mental performance. It’s a true nutrition fact, look it up! The facts regarding dehydration are really surprising! I aim for 100 oz. of water per day, but the popular recommendation these days is to consume at least half your body weight.

Stop planning & just do it

I am definitely guilty of over planning sometimes. I like to make lists, fill things out, etc. Sometimes doing so wastes a ton of precious time that I could have used to actually do those things that I was planning. Sometimes you just need to stop the planning & just get going! I’ve been working on this one a lot lately!

Start planning 

So here is a contradiction to what I just said. However, some of us don’t like planning and this can lead to failure in some cases. Sometimes it is necessary to plan out your day so you can stay on track & remember what you’re supposed to do. Something that I tend to do on a regular basis is make a list in “Notes” on my phone after I put my daughter to bed. The list contains the tasks that I need to achieve the following day, the meals I want to make, and things I want to remember. So if you’re somebody who sucks at planning, it’s time to get a planner (or write in your notes app), sit down every night, & make a list for the following day!

Planned “you time”

If you don’t have time to relax and unwind you will not be successful when it comes to getting things done. You will be on the go constantly until you crash and burn. You time is so important for so many different reasons! If you have a planned time for yourself it gives you something to look forward to. If you get things done before you time then it is sort of like a reward. Or, if you’re like me, you use you time to get ready for being productive. My time is in the morning after I get my daughter ready for the day. I sit down, have my caffeinated beverage, and relax for half an hour or so. Once the caffeine kicks in, I am ready to go!

Less distractions

With all of the technology today, we have distractions at all times. It is unbelievable how easy it is to sit down on the couch, open up Instagram or Facebook, and scroll for a long time. Or maybe you turn on the television and get caught up in your favorite murder show. Sometimes it’s best to put your phone away, turn off the television, and get going without any distractions.

Use distractions

On the other hand, sometimes a distraction makes getting things done a little bit more bearable. For example, when I am doing the dishes, I like to put a show on my laptop & watch it while I clean. Another example would be putting on some music to make things a little more fun. It all depends on how you thrive individually. Some people can’t have distractions while others prefer them.

Mental health 

It’s pretty simple. If you don’t feel well mentally, you aren’t going to be productive or energetic. Your mental health plays such a huge role in how you spend each day. If you are struggling mentally you need to take the necessary steps to get better. If you would like some ideas on how to start fighting your mental health battle, check out my ways to combat depression post.

I hope these tips have given you some new ideas on how to be a productive & energetic mom! Do you use any of these methods? If so, which ones do you use? Are there any methods that you use that I didn’t include? If so, please comment them below! Thank you for reading!

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