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I’m Iva!

Mother of 2 from Maine, certified ISSA nutrition specialist, and certified health coach through Dr. Sears Wellness Institute! I have a mission to teach moms everywhere that you can totally thrive as a woman & mother simply by changing the way you eat!

Food By Iva started as an Instagram account where I could post the food I was making. I had recently gotten in to cooking my own meals and trying to be healthier& I wanted to share it.

Shortly after I created which was a blog dedicated to food, nutrition, health, and wellness. You can check out my blog posts here! I was a stay at home mom & learning about food & blogging became something I really enjoyed. But I wanted to know & do more.

So I enrolled at ISSA online for their nutrition specialist certification & received that in March 2020. By this time I was still a SAHM & pregnant with my second daughter. It had been a very difficult pregnancy in terms of my moods and energy. That’s when my nutrition career took another turn.

I decided to dive into nutrition for mental wellness. Proper nutrition can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. I learned more about this topic and also about proper nutrition for energy. This lead me to enroll at Dr. Sears Wellness Institute to earn my health coaching certification with a specialty in pregnant and nursing mothers.

My goal is to help my fellow mothers of young ones eat better for improved moods & energy! By doing so we can thrive as women and mothers!


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